Reflective Shape & Chevron Striping Calculator – Online

Reflective Shape and Chevron Striping Calculator – (online store)

To use this online calculator simply type in the height and width of each area you wish to apply reflective shapes to.  If you have more than one area do them one at a time and create a total.  When doing a chevron pattern 1/2 will be one color and 1/2 will be another color. There is a section at the bottom of the calculator where you can enter the results of each calculation. The calculator will create a total for you and also divide in half so you know how much of each color to purchase.  At the bottom of the calculator is an estimate for how many feet of 6″ striping you would need for any given area.  Also, if you want to purchase diamond tabs, the amount will be the same as the overlays or strips since it is sold by the square foot of coverage. ****To clear the calculator simple reload this page.****

You can order reflective shapes for diamond plate here.

(Note – to reset the calculator just reload the page.)

To download this spreadsheet to your computer just click on the “little green x icon” at the bottom right of the calculator.  This will let you use the sheet on your computer and print it.

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