3/4 Inch Reflective Circles / Dots for Diamond Plate

Round Reflective DOTS for Diamond Plate – (online store)

Reflective red lime dots diamond plate

One of the most popular ways of making diamond plate or tread plate reflective is to apply 3/4 inch dots or circles into the flat area between the diamonds.  This is a simple process and takes just a few seconds per dot for installation.  Round shapes are easier to apply than squares because they do not need to be edge aligned to look right.  Simply centering them is all that is necessary.  Also, make sure to press them on well as you apply.  Especially around the edges.

The NFPA 1901 standard calls for red and yellow chevron stripes to cover 50% of the rear of the fire truck or apparatus.  For non NFPA applications, other color combinations can be used.  Stripes need to be 6″ wide and are to slant downward and out 45 degrees.  Placing 6 dots side by side creates a 6″ stripe.

3/4 inch dots can be used on virtually all types of diamond plate.  There just needs to be a flat area for them to lay.

aluminum diamond plate reflective

diamond plate reflective