Reflective “Chevron Strips” for Diamond Plate NFPA 1901

New Product ! – Reflective Chevron Strips for Diamond or Tread Plate (online store)

Our Reflexite V98 reflective “Chevron Strips” make creating 6″ wide alternating red and fluorescent lime chevrons on diamond plate quick and easy.   Plus they give much more coverage than other shapes which means your chevrons are brighter and you are safer.  The little reflective strips cover 6 spaces at one time thus making installation many times faster than dots.  Our custom designed shapes are made from Reflexite/Orafol V98 conformable prismatic sheeting.  This material is made specifically for emergency vehicle striping and lettering.

nfpa 1901 1917 chevron stripes

To apply the chevron strips you simple peel them off of the wax sheet, position them on the diamond plate and press on.  It only takes a few seconds per decal and you are covering 6 spaces at one time.  This method is about 4 times faster than reflective dots.  It also creates a much cleaner stripe.  Also, the coverage rate is almost double when compared to a 3/4″ dot giving you a much brighter chevron pattern.

nfpa 1901 1917 diamond plate chevrons

Reflexite V98 is easy to work with.  It features a repositionable adhesive that allows you to remove and replace the decal during installation.  Once installed the decals build adhesion over time.  The material is also conformable which means that it will stretch a little if necessary. This feature allows it to mold itself to surfaces that most tapes would not work on. 

diamond plate chevrons nfpa 1917

The “Chevron Strips” are priced by the square foot.  One square foot of coverage or 24 strips runs $18.  To calculate how many square feet you need just measure the height and width of the areas you wish to stripe and multiply.  More information can be found at  To get a sample pack of our diamond plate reflective shapes just email me at or call me at 850-934-3157.

Chevron Red Lime V98
NFPA Chevron Strips