Orafol / Reflexite V98 Conformable Prismatic Reflective Sheeting

About Orafol / Reflexite V98 Conformable Prismatic Sheeting – (online store)

We use Orafol’s Reflexite V98 material for all of our reflective shapes.  We use this material because it is tough, bright and cuts very well with computer controlled plotters.  It is also made in one layer which means that it will not delaminate like other films.  This is a very important characteristic when it comes to longevity.  

Multi layer films like 3m and Avery are created by bonding two layers together.  The top layer contains the prisms that provide reflectivity and the bottom layer holds the adhesive.  The problem is that the two layers can be easily separated.  If you look at tractor trailer rigs you will notice that some will have the red and white tape where the top layer has been damaged or is delaminating.  What is left is just the bottom non reflective layer.

Orafol / Reflexite V98 tapes as well as their V92 and V82 DOT tapes are all made in a single layer.  This means that it is impossible for the tape to delaminate thus contributing to a much longer service life for the shapes.  The picture below shows how important this feature really is.v98 reflective versus 3m

Orafol/Reflexite V98 material is also conformable and repositionable.  Conformable means that the material will stretch a little to conform to uneven surfaces.  For dots this is not a major feature.  Conformability is achieved through the use of vinyl in the construction of the film.  

Repositionable means the dots can be applied and then pulled back up and applied again.  This is a nice feature to have for dots.  A special adhesive gives the tape this ability.

The image below shows more information on our V98 conformable material.

V98 graphic films