Free Sample Pack – Accident Scene Safety – Reflective DOTS for Diamond Plate

Accident Scene Safety Using Reflective Circles, Dots, Squares, Octagons – Free Samples

Emergency crews responding to an accident scene at night place themselves in great danger.  Especially in high traffic areas.  Reflective tape on emergency vehicles can increase their visibility and make passing cars more aware of their presence.  In many situations vehicles responding at an accident scene will have diamond plate or tread plate covering the rear of the vehicle.  Reflective dots can be used on these surfaces to create conspicuity, thus keeping firefighters and emergency responders safe. 

Our online store, sells a variety of reflective shapes that can be used to make diamond plate more visible at night.  We recommend the 3/4″ circles, octagons, appliqué overlays that cover 4 sections at one time and our chevron strips that cover 6 sections at one time.    The best way to try these shapes is to get our free sample pack.   For a free sample you can email me at or call 850-934-3157.

reflective dots for diamond plate


nfpa 1901 1917 chevron stripes


The image above shows our Reflective Chevron Strips.  These strips are custom cut to fit around the diamonds.  We have a Style “A” and a style “B” to accommodate two diamond plate configurations. Style “A” is for diamonds that are right at 1″ apart tip to tip.  Style “B” are for diamonds that are 1/16″ under an inch apart tip to tip.  Testing out the strips before you  buy is especially important.

accident scene safety reflective dots

 reflective stickers diamond plate