Welcome to our Reflective Shapes Information Site.  Owned and maintained by Steven Cole of Reflective Inc.  – 22 years in business. This is the sister site for our online reflective shapes store at www.reflectiveshapes.com .  For a sample pack of our diamond plate reflective shapes email us at steve@reflectivestore.com with your name and address.  Just ask for the diamond plate sample pack.


 Our company cuts custom reflective shapes for a variety of applications.  Fire departments use our shapes to create stripes on diamond plate as a way to comply with the NFPA 1901 standard.  Commercial and industrial businesses use our shapes for safety applications where night and daytime visibility are important.

We use Oralite V98 material for all of our shapes.  This material is unique in that is is made in a single layer and WILL NOT delaminate.  Other brands will come apart, especially when they are cut into smaller shapes. Oralite V98 material does not have this problem.  It is also a conformable and repositionable film.  If you put a dot down and need to reposition it that is not a problem.  Just peel it up and press it back down.  The material then builds adhesion over time.


We have prefabricated chevron panels at www.chevronpanels.com .  We also have a full line of reflective tapes here.